- Tea for Hair

Is There a Tea that Can Regrow Hair?

Here are some startling hair loss statistics provided by Creditdonkey.com:

  • 25% of men who lose their hair, start doing so at age 21 (that’s young and a big number).
  • In 2012 there were 90,000 hair transplant operations performed.

These stats tell me that a lot of people suffer hair loss, start doing so at a young age and many are willing to pay a lot of money to have hair again (hair transplant surgery isn’t cheap).

I really don’t understand how some sites make claims that any particular tea can regrow hair or even stop hair loss.

The “studies”

For example, the few sites that claim tea can regrow hair or stop hair loss, reference this green tea article and hair loss, which reports on a study where green tea stopped hair loss in mice.  However, that conclusion is problematic, as stated in the article in that the amount of polyphenols needed for humans would be almost impossible to deliver to humans in proportion to what the mice received.

Stress relief?

And then there’s the article that certain teas can reduce stress and since stress can cause hair loss, tea can stop hair loss.  It’s a nonsensical argument; it’s illogical and has no basis in science.

I find it incredible and unfortunate.

I can understand companies selling pills claiming to regrow hair; they’re making money (not that I condone that, but I understand why they do it).

But what really boggles my mind is that some websites make claims that certain teas, such as guava tea, will regrow hair or stop hair loss.

It’s nonsense.

There is no tea that will regrow hair.  Not black tea, guava tea, chamomile tea, peppermint tea or any of the many other teas.

There is no tea that will materially stop hair loss.

I get it. If you’re losing your hair, you may be desperate for a solution. You’ll try anything including any tea concoction that some website suggests will regrow your hair.

Why do I these tea claims are nonsense?

Because if there were such a tea, don’t you think it would be one of the biggest “medical” breakthrough stories of all time?

Every news channel would feature this in a credible manner with before/after photos and videos.

Whoever finds a cure for baldness will likely become a trillionaire.  Big pharma is constantly researching a cure because it would be a best-selling pill for sure.

While there’s Rogaine and Propecia, they don’t work for everyone and when they do work, it’s not all that effective.  You may notice some hair regrowth, but they don’t regrow hair so that it looks like a full head of hair.

What is the best hair loss solution?

If you really despise being bald, your only real option is a hair transplant.  The good news is these procedures result in very realistic-looking heads of hair.  It’s remarkable really.

On the plus side for men, sporting a shaved head is popular and accepted.  In my view, it’s a better look than the horseshoe or combover.

Just don’t buy into the nonsense

Don’t run around buying teas and other natural products and stick them on your head hoping for a full head of hair in a few weeks.  It’s not going to happen.  If this stuff actually worked, there wouldn’t be a bald man or woman around.