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Chamomile Tea for Hair: Rinses & Benefits

Many people know chamomile tea helps you go to sleep; it’s a calming tea.

This is its claim to fame and is enjoyed throughout the world as an evening drink to calm the mind and assist people to fall asleep.

I love chamomile tea.  I don’t have trouble sleeping, but maybe that’s because I frequently enjoy a hot cup of chamomile tea in the evening.

But what about using chamomile tea for your hair?  Does it offer any benefits?  Or is it a waste of time?

In this context, I’m talking about chamomile tea as a topical rinse.  In other words, does brewing a big pot and rinsing your hair with it do anything for your hair?

It turns out it offers some benefits.  Here they are.

2 Key Benefits of a Chamomile Tea Rinse

1. Soft hair lightener

It’s totally understandable that many people are turning to natural hair coloring options given the damage that hair dyes can cause to hair in the long run.

While chamomile won’t lighten your hair as much as lemon juice or some dye, it can softly lighten it if you’re a brunette.

This person actually tested it and yes, if a brunette, chamomile can lighten hair.  Pretty cool.

2. Helps with dandruff

It’s also reported that chamomile can lessen dandruff.  I don’t have dandruff so I can’t test it, but it’s been reported to offer such a benefit.

I think if you’re main aim is to lessen dandruff, use peppermint tea which is it’s claim to fame as a hair rinse.

How to make a chamomile tea hair rinse

There’s nothing difficult about this.

Brew 2 to 4 bags of pure chamomile tea in 2 cups of water.

Let it steep for a few hours.  Once cooled, massage into your hair.

Keep it in your hair over night.  One good technique for this is to put it into a bun so the rinse stays in the hair.

TIP: wash hair with shampoo first, but do not put in conditioner before the chamomile tea rinse.

Video demonstration:

Overall impression

Very, very impressive.

Given lemon may damage hair (according to some people) and the fact you need to sit in the sun with the lemon juice in your hair, chamomile is a terrific hair lightener alternative.  The video above is very persuasive.  Give it a shot.